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Across the Universe - Beth Revis

I'm really having trouble getting into this. I've got a suspension of disbelief problem. According to Amy, the Financial Resource Exchange ( my suspected origin of "frex") sent her ship into space in order to find more natural resources they could profit from. But here's my problem. The passengers intended to colonize the new planet and gather those resources were put into cryogenic stasis because the trip was going to take 300 years. One way. Assuming all goes well, they can't expect to see the potential profits for 600 years or more. Even if we assume facts not in evidence, namely that they've got some kind of technology on board to set up jump gates or something similar, that's still 300+ years before they could expect to see a profit. Does this seem like super poor planning to anyone else? I mean, this is shakier than the premise of the 1998 Lost In Space movie.


And for more fun with etymology, we've now got "chutz", which I am assuming is short for "chutzpah", so now we're throwing Yiddish into the mix with our Middle English and made-up swear words and our misappropriated contemporary English slang. If you're wondering why I care, it's because I grew up on Tolkien. It's all his fault. Made me set my expectations too high, he did. :P