Easy Go: A Novel - Michael Crichton, John Lange

Originally published pseudonymously in 1968, Michael Crichton's Easy Go is good, cheesy fun. It's an entertaining heist novel complete with tomb raiding, blackmail, lots and lots of desert sand, and a healthy sense of humor. Crichton, as always, gives excellent descriptions, and now I really want to go to Egypt and do the whole touristy pyramid gawky thing. And buy a heap of artifact knock-offs with which to decorate my bathroom. One of those Anubis statues would make a spiffy towel rack.


A light, easy read, this book was a nice change of pace after my historical fantasy binge. Exactly what I needed, actually. I almost rated it higher, but I had to knock off a half star for a bunch of typos and occasional screwed-up paragraph breaks in the Kindle version.