Flight From The '70s

Flight From Rebirth (Prologue Science Fiction) - J. T. McIntosh

This was a fun, quick read, though definitely dated. It's sort of part sci-fi, part mystery, with almost a slight campy noir flavor at times. There's a timeless, non-specific quality to a lot of it, but every once in a while a turn of phrase, or something like a reference to homosexuality as being deviant, or the emphasis on the objectifying of women (not a male stripper in sight! *sadface* and the centenarian MC is still a lady-killer) serves as a heavy reminder of when this book was written (it was first published in 1971).


The narrative got dull and info-dumpy in a few spots and I'm taking points off for typos, but it's still a solid 3-star book, in my opinion. At least half the fun for me in reading old sci-fi is comparing how far we've come to how far the author thought we would come. This is probably why I bought this book in the first place, even though I have no memory of doing so.