Wonder Twins They Ain't

The Twin's Daughter - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

From the book description:


Filled with shocking twists and turns, THE TWIN'S DAUGHTER is an engrossing gothic novel of betrayal, jealousy, and treacherous secrets that will keep you guessing to the very end.


I was not guessing to the very end. I called it at the 48% mark. Not that I'm a remarkably clever armchair sleuth, but obvious misdirection is obvious. Also, I felt it was too slow to get going, a bit light on the gothic, and most of the jealousy was of the teenage angsty variety and resolved almost immediately . . . only to flare up again every time the love interest happened to interact in any fashion with a female other than Lucy. About a hundred pages of pointlessness could have been cut from the novel and replaced with more character development. There's not much more to say. It was good, but not great. It was a bit meh, but not so very meh that I'd put it on my meh shelf. It was just average.