Good Story, Boring Execution

Genesis - Bernard Beckett

This book tells a good story. Unfortunately for me, the method by which it delivers that good story bored me half to death. This interesting look at the possible future consists of roughly 70% dry exposition couched as an academic oral exam and 30% philosophical debate on whether machines can actually attain sentience. There are a couple of "twists" thrown in at the end. The first wasn't very twisty and I called it early on. The second I didn't expect until a few pages before it happened, but by that point I didn't really care one way or the other.


I didn't notice many glaring typos (yay!), but the formatting of my Kindle version was atrocious. There was something wonky  going on with the spacing in the paragraph breaks (when there were spaces between paragraphs, which wasn't always the case). Also, and perhaps most annoying, each question-and-answer oral exam section was basically a non-indented, aligned-left wall o' text. Bleh.


Overall, it was just okay. I don't feel I wasted my time, but I won't be running out to get more of Beckett's work right away. Or maybe ever. Life is short, and Mt. TBR is tall.