Summer In A Bottle

Dandelion Wine - Ray Bradbury

This is a wonderful collection of short stories that flow almost seamlessly together. While the prose got a little too purple at times to suit my tastes, that's pretty much all I have to complain of. And lack of complaints from me in a review = high praise.


I have family from Illinois, and my father grew up in a small town very much like Green Town and its real life inspiration. Reading Dandelion Wine reminded me forcefully of the stories Dad used to tell me about growing up on Grandpa's farm while also reminding me of experiences and impressions from my own childhood. (Heck, I STILL like to bounce around in new sneakers. They're so . . . boingy!) Bradbury's writing is so vivid, so atmospheric, that I could smell the grass and hear the cicadas. I love books that can transport me to a different time and place. These stories did that and more. There's a charming and utterly disarming familiarity about Douglas and Tom, and I'm very glad I got to hang out with them for the summer of 1928.