Gone With My Interest

Gone With the Wind - Margaret Mitchell

Many people have expounded on the perks and pitfalls of this book far more eloquently than I could, and I don't have the energy to try, so I'm just going to jot down the tl;dr version.


To sum up my impressions of Gone With the Wind: Set against a Civil War era backdrop of questionable authenticity and told in a narrative rife with racism, sexism, class-ism, and a few other isms, this is a book about horrible, miserable people being miserably horrible to each other and generally making themselves and each other more horribly miserable.


There were parts I really enjoyed, and Scarlett was fun to hate for a while (though I sometimes felt I was as horrible as she was for deriving such entertainment from the universe constantly dumping on her), but even that got old around the 75% mark. Two stars, because by the end Rhett Butler wasn't the only one who didn't give a damn.