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The Crown - Colleen Oakes

He raised his hand in a silent hello, but his face held a mangled frown as he stared at Vittiore.




past tense: mangled; past participle: mangled

1. destroy or severely damage by tearing or crushing.

"the car was mangled almost beyond recognition"

(synonyms: mutilate, maim, disfigure, damage, injure, crush, crumple)

2. ruin or spoil (a text, piece of music, etc.).

"he was mangling Bach on the piano"

(synonyms: spoil, ruin, mar, mutilate, bungle, mess up, make a mess of, wreck; informal murder, make a hash of, muck up, screw up, butcher)

"he's mangling the English language"


So. I have to ask. What the hell is going on with this guy's face? Does he need a doctor, or did he somehow screw up the whole frowning thing? O.o