Never Mind(s)

Open Minds  - Susan Kaye Quinn

This isn't bad. The story and characters just aren't interesting to me. It's more than a little "been there, done that." I don't like Kira or Simon. Simon is creepy and too touchy-feely and it annoys my that Kira isn't shutting him down when she's supposed to be in love with someone else. (Also, love triangle. Bleh.) Kira is afraid of her powers one second and casually using them the next and then afraid of them again. I can't take a whole book of her waffling over everything, and I'm too bored to stick it out to see if she grows out of it.


The writing is technically good and I wouldn't be averse to trying something else by this author, but this book and I are parting ways with no regrets at the 20% mark.