I'M BA-ACK! (Post-Vacation Report)

  • National parks/monuments visited: 0
  • Old favorite restaurants visited: Just ask the scale. Oy.
  • New favorite restaurants discovered: 2. Hope they're still in business next time I visit.
  • Time spent on chairs or couches chatting to family and friends I haven't seen in almost a decade: Nearly all the waking hours. Which is why we managed zero sight-seeing.
  • Books read: 1.17, mostly in airports during layovers.
  • Books bought: Around 20, all hardcovers, because after you've lived a while in a country where the suggested retail price of hardcovers is $50 or more, suddenly $20-$30 is miraculously cheap.
  • Rescued unread books regretfully left behind at Mom's house when I moved to another continent: 15 or so. Not sure yet as I haven't finished unpacking, but OMG! it was like Christmas finding those after all these years!
  • Hours spent in planes/airports: 62. Approximately.
  • Duration of post-vacation coma: I'll let you know as soon as I come out of it.