A Rule Against Morrows

A Rule Against Murder (Armand Gamache, #4) - Louise Penny

This is my least favorite installment in the Chief Inspector Gamache series so far for two easily identifiable reasons:


1. It's not set in Three Pines so we hardly see any of the villagers.

2. Peter and Clara Morrow, two of my least favorite characters, feature heavily in the story.


Over books two and three we see Peter gradually shifting from regular cardboard to cardboard asshat. In this book we meet his family and find out what makes him so . . . Peter, which is about as entertaining as it sounds.


On a side note, I'm starting to wonder about the murder rate per capita of the Three Pines area and how it compares to, say, Cabot Cove. It's probably not in the same league yet, but it's something to aspire to, I suppose.