When Heroes Start Acting Human

A Trick of the Light (Chief Inspector Armand Gamache #7) - Louise Penny

Sometimes I love Mary Sues and Gary Stus and sometimes I hate them. I've loved (most of) Louise Penny's Marys and Garys from the beginning, and now that some of my favorites are showing their mere mortal-ness I find myself conflicted. I want them to be paragons of crime-fighting who hardly ever put a foot wrong. But I think I need to see them putting wrong feet all over the place. Because I shouldn't lose sight of the fact that they're supposed to be human.


In this 7th installment of the series, Gamache and Beauvoir are so wrong-footed that there's a kind of demented tango going on in their personal and working relationships. It's cringe-inducing to see it played out, and I kind of want them to go back to being paragons. I don't want them to be human. The human stuff is painful. Well done, Louise Penny. Well done.


These half-formed thoughts were brought to you by me, whatever's pollinating that's making my sinuses go nuts, and all the medication I'm taking to make my sinuses stop going nuts. Enjoy.