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Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars - Kevin Hearne

"Sometimes I think the galaxy might be entirely populated by people with daddy issues."


On one hand, that got a chuckle out of me, especially since it's said to Luke, who at this point hasn't even begun to realize the scope of his daddy issues.


On the other hand, hello, modern Earth colloquialism. How nice to be ripped out of a galaxy far, far away by you.


And now I'm going to ramble semi-aimlessly about the movie A Knight's Tale. It's very loosely based on/inspired by Chaucer's The Knight's Tale and it's chock full of anachronistic dialog. Part of the reasoning behind that was people back then must've had equivalent expressions to our modern colloquialisms, and using the modern phrases was easier (and funnier) than researching Ye Olde English equivalents. It works. I freaking love it. (Except for the part where William doesn't dump the skinny lady and run away with the hot blacksmith.)


I don't freaking love it when the same thing happens in sci-fi dealing with alien cultures.


Sci-fi (and fantasy) authors face a bit of a quandary. Should they try to communicate familiar ideas in unfamiliar language (i.e. make up their own slang like frak, shiny, frell, etc.)? Or should they stick to language readers are sure to understand? When it comes to sci-fi, I prefer the full immersion experience. How terribly unfair of me. ;)