The Beautiful Mystery

The Beautiful Mystery - Louise Penny

I avoided this book for weeks because I've gotten so attached to the characters that I couldn't stand to see one of them strapping on a jetpack to speed up their downward spiral.


Ye gods, that was painful.


The writing was beautiful as always. I really enjoyed everything to do with the murder investigation, the monastery, the monks, and especially the music, but I half wish that's all this book focused on. The whole corrupt-people-in-the-Sûreté-trying-to-take-Gamache-down plot is wearing on me. I'm tired of it. What used to add an interesting dimension is getting old now. I just want everybody in the Sûreté to drink some concrete and harden the f*** up so they can get on with the crime solving. Really, is that too much to ask?


Semi-spoilery, semi-nonsensical musings behind the spoiler tag. Proceed at your own risk.


The whole time I was reading this I had a nagging feeling that the plot was a teeny tiny bit familiar. Near the end of the book I had an epiphany. This book is like a What If version of Sister Act. What if Sister Mary Robert had thought Deloris's jazzing up of the choir was blasphemous and had exercised a little divine judgment? :O

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