Reading progress update: I've read 63%.

How the Light Gets In  - Louise Penny

I'm pretty sure I know who killed the victim - name, gender, how they knew the victim, etc. - and I've known since at least the 45% mark, maybe sooner (I wasn't paying attention to reading progress). Now I'm all frustrated that Gamache is being so slow on the uptake. Granted, he is all kinds of distracted by the ongoing something's-rotten-in-Dennmarkthe-Sûreté plot, but he's got almost all the pieces now and he keeps trying to put them together wrong and I'm actually talking out loud to my Kindle. Like my mom talks to the TV, as if the characters will hear and adjust their behavior accordingly.


I am the bookish version of my mother.


Oh, well. There are worse fates than turning into Mom. She's pretty awesome.