What Happens When I Watch Action Movies


I'm way behind in watching Bond movies (the last one I saw was Casino Royale), so when Quantum of Solace came on TV I put down my book and gave it my full attention. I had somehow forgotten how over-the-top the action scenes are in these things. This was me during every single action scene in the movie:


"Hahaha! That so would've killed him. Oops! Dead again. Ouch! Broken legs for sure. Oooh, dislocated shoulder. Ahaha! Dead again! Yep, dead. Ooh, that'll need skin grafts. Dead. Maimed for life. Never walking again. Dead. Double dead. Oho! Really, thoroughly, super dead!"


And my favorite semi-spoilery moment of movie precognition:


"007 setting foot in a hotel that runs on giant fuel cells? WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?! AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!"

(show spoiler)


It's probably a good thing I didn't see it in a packed theater. But I had so much fun that now I really want to see Skyfall and Spectre.