Rising from the Ashes . . .

. . . of my dead video card.


I have been without a working computer for three days. My video card died, but it was hard to diagnose the problem due to the computer refusing to boot up at all, even in safe mode. So off it went to the professionals after a day of useless troubleshooting. They figured out what was wrong in about two minutes flat. I ordered a new card which came this afternoon, and now I seem to be back in business. At least, nothing's exploded or melted or triggered Blue Screen of Death, but I haven't booted up a game yet. Fingers crossed.


My hubby offered his computer for work purposes, but I hadn't backed up my work files in over a week (stupid, stupid, stupid) and would have been starting from scratch on a large project. So instead I opted to sulkily read books and watch television and remind the DVD/Bluray player that it's not just a big, expensive clock. It would've been a nice, relaxing vacation if it weren't for all the what-if-my-files-are-corrupted and I-have-expensive-taste-in-video-cards stress.


In other news, I missed you guys and gals, I'm three days behind on work (but my files are intact), and my credit card balance is sad. So very sad.


Sad, sad credit card.