Star Wars: Before the Awakening

Star Wars The Force Awakens: Before the Awakening - Greg Rucka, Phil Noto

I wish I'd read this before I saw Star Wars Ep. VII, as I think it's a better introduction to the First Order, and it also helps immensely to put the characters of Poe and Fin in some sort of non-stereotype context.


It now makes sense to me how the seemingly bumbling, goofy Fin was able to quickly adapt to a variety of weaponry and not get killed in the first firefight. (But I still have no idea why he claims to work in sanitation, unless he was referring to the clean-up duty all Storm Trooper cadets had to do, or maybe he meant it in the same spirit as when he said he was with the Resistance. I dunno. *shrug*)


It also makes more sense to me why Poe is so . . . Poe. A little bit of background goes a long way with his character.


I was mostly in it for Rey's story, and that was a bit of a letdown. Most of it felt like an extended montage of her daily routine on Jakku. Otherwise, all I learned about her was that she has trust issues, she's remarkably understanding, and the secret of her l33t piloting skillz was revealed.


So while this didn't wow me and give me all the Star Wars feels like the last Greg Rucka book I read, it was still very enjoyable and enlightening. And another tip of the hat to the talented Phil Noto for his superb illustrations.