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Venetia - Georgette Heyer

Rambly musings behind the spoiler tag:



I've been viewing Damerel's redemption as a foregone conclusion from the start, but Heyer still pulled it off more naturally than I dared hope. I really like how back at the barn he sort of had that "oh crap, this is a good thing, don't ruin it" moment, and how that slowly progressed to his declaration of love and near-proposal, and then to his self-mocking farewell (because he'd decided the best way not to ruin a good thing is to stay the hell away from it). I'm super curious about what's going on with his estate that requires him to be sequestered with his agent for two days. Something is afoot that may or may not be playing havoc with his sense of self-worth, which I suspect isn't very high to begin with.


I'm sort of sad to see the Battle of Undershaw cut short. I was really enjoying that. The verbal barbs being tossed about willy nilly really appealed to the sarcastic snothead in me.

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