Sir Percy Hits Back

Sir Percy Hits Back (The Scarlet Pimpernel) - Emmuska Orczy

Thanks to a crushing work schedule, it took me weeks to read this new-to-me Pimpernel adventure, number nine in the series chronologically. And that was torture. I was so enjoying the little snippets I read in snatched moments of peace here and there that I just wanted to read the whole thing in one sitting. And despite Amede and Fleurette being too stupid to live (Fleurette especially), the story that builds around them is so enchanting* that this has become one of my favorite Pimpernel novels.




*Disclaimer: I may have strange ideas of what constitutes "enchanting" storytelling. In this case it includes a despicable villain getting his just desserts in a huge way. What can I say? Schadenfreude is spellbinding! Take that, Chauvelin! Reap what you sow, buddy.