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The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley

I got to chapter sixteen and then I realized I can't remember the little details. And some not so little details. This is one of those subtle books where the little details are important. A character shows up more than halfway through the book, and I'm all, "Who the hell are you?" and the character's all, "What? You met me less than a hundred-something pages ago!" and my brain's all, "Dammit, fybromialgia! I'm trying to remember stuff over here!" and the fybro's all, "Haha! Nice try! You used up all your focus on work stuff, remember? Hey, why don't you check to see if you turned off the oven for the fifth time? That's always fun! Oh, by the way, your hips hurt for no reason whatsoever and one of your legs might randomly give out on the way to the kitchen. Again."


Screw it. I'm starting over. Maybe the details will stick the second time around.


And someone else can check the freaking oven.