A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness

It's close to Halloween, I said. I should read this book with "Monster" in the title, I said.


I'm not a Halloween story, the book said. I'm a rip-out-your-heart-and-stomp-on-it coming of age story. *riiiiiiiiiiip* *stompstompstompstomp*


Ouch. My totally unprepared feelings! :'(


There is a lot of symbolism attached to the yew tree, some of it contradictory. Among other things, it represents life and death, mortality and immortality. It's a complex tree. And that was before it got up and walked to Conor's window and called his name.


I wasn't planning on spending half the day doing nothing productive and getting super sad over a book and loving every minute of it, but that's basically what happened. Special thanks to my husband for calling me from work to remind me to eat lunch. Otherwise I'd be super sad and hungry.