The Hidden Relic (Evermen Saga #2)

The Hidden Relic (The Evermen Saga, Book 2) - James Maxwell

Second verse same as the first, a little bit shorter and a little bit worse.


The writing is still plagued by the many problems I noted in book one. Even more unfortunate, the story wasn’t as engaging this time.


The Hidden Relic’s second book syndrome took the form of super lazy writer’s convenience that occasionally snapped the thread by which my disbelief was suspended. Key plot points seemed painfully contrived. Preposterous situations were glossed over or blatantly unexplained. I’m still enjoying the story enough to continue with the series, but that’s in spite of the significant amount of eye-rolling this book induced. I’m still optimistic the quality will improve, but if it doesn’t the story is interesting enough that I’m willing to try locking my inner pedant in a closet for the remaining books.