Moonraker (James Bond, #3) - Ian Fleming

Bond is back at the card tables in this adventure, and though we’re told at the beginning that he’s the best shot in the Service, Moonraker seems to reinforce the impression that Bond is just an average bloke who’s good at gambling and super-duper lucky. But he doesn’t always get lucky. Something came to me while reading this book. For an alleged lady-killer, Bond spends a lot of time not killing any ladies. Aside from that one seaside holiday in Casino Royale, he’s either too busy, too injured, or too late to score and all his alleged lady-killing takes place off-screen, so to speak. I hope (in vain, I fear) this trend continues. It makes the constant referring to grown-ass women as girls a tiny bit less grating. (Yes, I know, written in the 50’s, blah blah.)


Speaking of grown-ass women constantly referred to as girls, Galatea Brand is my new hero.


Who stayed under cover for a year without detection? Gala. Who cracks the case? Gala. Who knows how to reprogram the rocket and save London? Gala. Who probably didn’t really need Bond to save the day? Gala.

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I’ve never seen the Moonraker film so I had no insistent movie images or plot points intruding on my reading. Perhaps that’s why I finally started seeing Bond as a Hoagy Carmichael lookalike instead of picturing Roger Moore. It was a nice change. (No disrespect to Roger Moore, but young Hoagy wasn't at all bad to look at.)


Three stars! It probably would have been closer to four had my utter ignorance of Bridge not made the whole gentlemen’s club card cheating subplot dry as unbuttered toast.