On Her Majesty's Secret Service

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (James Bond, #11) - Ian Fleming

In this adventure Bond gets an undercover assignment to ferret out the elusive head of Spectre, who has developed a sudden and inexplicable hankering for membership in the Peerage. So Bond heads to the Swiss Alps posing as a heraldry expert . . . and almost blows his cover in the first 24 hours because he’s an arrogant prick. Bond is supposed to be one of the best agents in the Service, but in this book he borders on gross incompetence at times. His performance is so bad he even berates himself on occasion. Even though he has reservations about the job and going undercover, it’s like he’s still bought into his own myth and his stupid assumptions are quite costly.


This one was just okay for me. I was hoping to like it more, as the movie of the same title is one of my favorites in the franchise. Oh well. At least the “curing” of “allergies” through hypnosis was worth a giggle or three. This also got a giggle out of me:

Griffon Or broke in excitedly, ‘And this charming motto of the line, “The World is not Enough”. You do not wish to have the right to it?’

Sorry, Griff. MGM bought the rights. ;)