I Was Here

I Was Here - Gayle Forman

I Was Here is a good book with an important message about picking up the pieces after a loved one commits suicide. It is raw. It is visceral. And it is almost ruined by the trope-eriffic, cliché-ridden romance. Why, Gayle? Why?! This was ever-so-much more annoying than that sneaking into the ICU scene in If I Stay devolving into pure sitcom silliness. I want to love you, Gayle, but you won’t let me with this nonsense! Gah! Details under the spoiler tag.


Cody, our virginal heroine, hates the love interest, Ben, on sight because of a misunderstanding. Mr. Love Interest is a devastatingly hot rocker with magic color-changing eyes and a propensity to sleep around. But inside he’s really sweet and gentle and loves his little sister and kittens. So, of course, they’re drawn together by their mutual grief over Meg’s suicide, and Cody’s mere existence cures Ben of his flirty ways and his smoking habit. And then they have emotionally fraught sex. With tears. Such original! So edge! Much wow! *headdesk*

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