Reading progress update: I've read 375 out of 375 pages.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

This was a re-read, and this is as close as I'm going to get to reviewing it. I started this series 10+ years ago and don't think I got any farther than book two. I loved this book the first time around. I loved it this time around as well, but I noticed some things that didn't leave an impression last time. For instance:


  • The Greek gods are really, really terrible parents. Total deadbeats, every one of them.
  • Sally Jackson got a super raw deal, voluntarily marrying and staying with an abusive asshole to protect her son. This is seriously messed up.
  • Gladiola the Poodle also got a super raw deal. How many people and animals have to sacrifice their happiness for Percy’s sake?
  • For most of the book, Annabeth seems to have a crush on Luke. They are first cousins. I know the Greek gods weren’t fussy about incest, but ew.
  • Sally totally murdered Gabe with her son’s encouragement. And sold his corpse through an art gallery. Sally’s a murderer and Percy’s an accessory. . . . Yay?