Reading progress update: I've read 12%.

Girl Waits with Gun - Amy Stewart

I'm mainly posting this progress update as a test to see if the internet is behaving properly. Our ISP finally reset our connection on their end and it seems to have fixed our internet woes. (Knock on wood, throw salt over shoulder, rub lucky penny.) I've been able to like posts and comment on them without having to refresh the page constantly, and I was finally able to mark this book as Currently Reading (I started it three or four days ago). I am cautiously, quietly optimistic the internet is fixed for now. (Shh! Don't spook it!)


But since I'm here anyway, I'll talk about the book as well. I expected to love it, and I'm finding it kind of boring. :/ I'm up to chapter seven and it's not really holding my interest. I've only been getting through a chapter or sometimes only a section before I get distracted by something shinier. Hopefully it picks up soon.