Halloween Bingo: Markers and Head Starts

After playing with some free image editors and realizing my limitations and managing my expectations accordingly, I think I've finally found a marker system I'm happy with.


Blue Lightsaber = Called, Red Lightsaber = Read, Crossed Sabers = Called & Read



I scoured free Star Wars clip art and agonized over aesthetics and readability for I don't know how many hours to get here, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Finally. :D


For my head start, I'm going with Boy's Life by Robert McCammon for the Southern Gothic square. It's one of the longer books on my list, and Char got me so excited for it that I'd like to read it free of any hurry-up-and-finish bingo pressure.


Look at all the decisions I made today! This is huge for an indecisive person like me! I think I've nearly filled my weekly decision quota! Everyone spare an encouraging thought for my husband, who will have to decide all by himself what we're doing for dinner tonight. I need to save up a decision for when I go sticker shopping for my physical card. LOL