First Hit of the Season

First Hit of the Season - Jane Dentinger

This was a decent follow-up to Murder On Cue. It fast-forwards a bit to a point where Jocelyn and Phillip have been dating for some nebulous period of time (a year? more?), and while I was disappointed to miss out on all their awkward firsts, I did like the way Dentinger played on the personal repercussions of Jocelyn helping her detective boyfriend snoop on her theater friends. In the first book she was clearing her own name, but without that motivation she entered a vastly uncomfortable moral grey area that impacted her relationships with all involved. That part was well done.


The editing, on the other hand, took a nose dive. The first book had a few typos and a stylistic choice or two that I didn’t agree with (“alright” instead of “all right” and sudden POV skews in the third person close narrative), but nothing I couldn’t shrug off and plow through. The proof reader must’ve been asleep for this one, though, because in addition to the alrights and POV skews, my Kindle version is rife with missing punctuation, missing/wrong words, and more than one instance of Phillip’s last name being misspelled. And, my personal favorite, the woman who drinks wine with her fingers:


“We were going to be married in the spring, did you know that?” Courtney asked dreamily, as a long-fingered hand picked up the glass of wine and drained half of it.


Courtney’s anatomy must be FASCINATING. I’ll keep going with the series, but my inner pedant is going to get ranty if the quality issues continue.


I read this for the Halloween Bingo 2018 Murder Most Foul square.