Revenge of the Mantis

Revenge of the Mantis - Vered Ehsani

I am pleased to announce that for the first time in my experience with this series, a good portion of the contents actually had something to do with both the title and the cover copy. Not everything, but something. YAY!


Revenge of the Mantis also dumps very welcome info in such quantities you’d think character backstory was on sale at Costco. In fact, with so many of my questions answered, I have zero qualms in stepping away from this series, even after the author tried to keep me interested by dropping some really terrible foreshadowing.


(I mean, seriously now. If you’re going to go 99% of the book without mentioning dwarves—with or without ponytails—and then throw out a single, totally disconnected, context-free mention of a telegram containing no information about them, you will fail pretty miserably in the Tune In Next Time department.)


Snottiness aside, this is still a potentially fun series that needs better editing. If you’re less pedantic about this stuff than I am, you may thoroughly enjoy Society for Paranormals. (You know, rather than partially enjoy it in between getting annoyed at the errors and occasional sloppiness, like me. Why am I like this?)


I read this for Halloween Bingo 2018, using my second Wild Card for the Genre: Suspense square. I had a book lined up for it, but I'm nowhere near in the right mood for a Michael Crichton techno-thriller.