Halloween Bingo Post Mortem

This was my first year participating in Halloween Bingo. I watched from the sidelines for a couple of years because the rules confused me and I didn't think I had a snowball's chance in hell of reading enough books for a bingo anyway. But this year I've been trying to come a bit further out of my shell and interact more, and one of the ways I wanted to accomplish that was to participate in some of the Booklikes games run by amazing Booklikers like Moonlight and Obsidian Blue. (Thank you both so much!)


So I took a chance and dived in, thinking I'd probably read my usual 4-5 books a month and maybe get a bingo if I was super lucky.


And then I got into the competitive spirit, ditched half my hobbies in September, ditched all my other hobbies in October, and read like a fiend.


I read twice my average number of books in September. I read three or four times my average in October. I have no idea if all those stories will stick in my head (I hope so. Some of them were really good!), but I shocked myself and got a full bingo blackout and had a blast doing it.


So thanks, everybody! And Happy Halloween!