24 Festive Tasks Door 3: Melbourne Cup Day

Tasks 1, 2, and 3 completed, +1 bonus for Task 1. Points = 4


Task 1Pick your ponies!  MbD has posted the horses scheduled to race; everyone picks the three they think will finish (in any order).  


One of my picks (Marmelo) came in second. That's one point to me!


Task 2:  Cup day is all about the hats.  Post a picture of your favorite hat, whether it’s one you own or not.


This is as close as I could find to my favorite hat. Many moons ago, I bought a similar Mokona hat as a gift for a friend, and I have forever lamented that the store didn't have two in stock.



Task 3: The coloring of the “horse of a different color” in the movie version of The Wizard of Oz was created by rubbing the horse’s fur with jello. What’s the weirdest use of jello you’ve ever come across?


The weirdest use of jello I have ever seen was at a church potluck where a woman (who clearly hated everyone, as you will see) put cabbage and carrots in green jello, covered it in a quarter-inch-thick layer of mayonnaise, and called it a jello salad.


Task 4: Have you ever been to or participated in a competition involving horses (racing, jumping, dressage, whatever)? Tell us about it. Photos welcome, too!


The closest I've come is Task 1, so I'll skip this one.


Book: about horses or a horse on the cover.  Books with roses on the cover or about gardening; anything set in Australia.