24 Festive Tasks Door 6: International Day for Tolerance

Task 1 completed. Book read. Points = 2


Task 1:  Find some redeeming quality in the book you liked least this year and post about it.


I'm going to have trouble keeping up the festive spirit of these tasks if y'all keep making me think about The Law of Nines. Ugh! Okay. Um . . . It makes a decent doorstop. Is that not what you meant? Not really? Hmm. How about this: It could be used as part of a homemade flower press! No? Okay, okay . . . Wait! I got it!  It made me appreciate how hard it must be to run a gallery in an upscale mall and have to deal with Real Artists™ who think that general societal artistic ignorance perpetuated by gallery owners is the reason their Real Art™ isn't selling.


Task 2: Tell us: What are the tropes (up to 5) that you are not willing to live with in any book (i.e., which are absolutely beyond your capacity for tolerance) and which make that book an automatic DNF for you? (Insta-love? Love triangles? First person present narrative voice? Talking animals? The dog dies? What else?)


I think I'll have to skip this one. There are tropes that annoy me, but as evidenced by the single-digit number of books on my DNF shelf, none of them rate an automatic DNF. The only things that do aren't tropes (terrible writing and/or poor grammar and/or bad formatting, etc.). I guess I'm too tolerant. Or I'm one of those stubborn "This book will not best me!" types who has trouble letting go. :p 


Task 3: The International Day for Tolerance is a holiday declared by an international organization (UNESCO). Create a charter (humorous, serious, whatever strikes your fancy) for an international organization of readers.


Eh. Pass.


Task 4: UNESCO is based in Paris. Paris is known for its pastries and its breads: Either find a baker that specializes in pastries and bring home an assortment for your family, or make your own pastries using real butter and share a photo with us.


I might come back to this one.


Book:  Read any fiction/non-fiction about tolerance or a book that’s outside your normal comfort zone.  (Tolerance can encompass anything you generally struggle with, be it sentient or not.) OR Read a book set in Paris.


Book read: The Oracle Glass (Read a book set in Paris)