24 Festive Tasks Door 7: Mawlid

Tasks 1, 2, and 3 completed. Book read. Points = 4


Task 1:  Make two “prophesies” you think will come to fruition in 2019 in your personal or reading life.


1. I will finally read Moby Dick. I've been predicting this every year since I managed not to read it in high school, but I actually own a copy now so it's got a good chance of coming true this next year. Bring on the eye-drying whaling facts!

2. When it comes to books, I will buy less and borrow more. This has less chance than #1 of coming true, but I do want to patronize/support my local library more, and I'm sure my wallet would thank me.


Task 2: The Five Pillars of Islam include almsgiving and the pilgrimage to Mekka. Tell us: Have you ever donated books or rescued them from (horror of horrors) being trashed? Alternatively: Is there a book-related place that is a place of pilgrimage to you?


I've donated books to charities and classrooms, and I've also saved books from being trashed. Since moving to a rural tourist town, going to any city with bookstores bigger than a shoe box feels like a pilgrimage to Mekka, but my only personal book Mekka went out of business years ago (RIP Borders in my hometown . . . and everywhere, I guess) and I haven't found a new one.


Task 3: Prophets are messengers. Tell us: Which book characters are your favorite messengers (no matter whether humans, angels, (demi)gods, etc.)?


I can't possibly top Moonlight's tribute to Sam Gamgee, so I'm just going to lazily list a few of my favorites off the top of my head: Bartimaeus from Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus Trilogy. Death from Markus Zusak's The Book Thief. Agnes Nutter from Good Omens (though we never get to meet her, she was one heck of a prophet!).


Task 4: Muhammad was a merchant before becoming a religious leader. List 5 books on your shelves in which a key character makes / undergoes a radical career change.


Skipping for now. Might come back if I can think of any.


Book:  If you can find a copy, read Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.  Or read any book about a leader of a movement, nation, religion or large group, OR read a book with a green cover OR with a half moon on the cover.


Book read: I'm retroactively claiming Rules for a Knight for this one.