Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (Star Wars) - Christie Golden

In which the Empire sends a bunch of operatives who have no experience with deep cover missions into a super dangerous deep cover mission. Hilarity ensues. And by hilarity, I mean none of these people should have made it out alive.


This is sort of an intro to the members of Inferno Squad, which is featured in the Battlefront II game’s story mode, the most prominent member being Iden Versio. It’s all right for what it is, but sometimes I felt like logic was being abandoned to facilitate the plot.


Iden is well-known in Imperial circles. She’s the daughter of a high-ranking military man, an ace TIE fighter pilot, survivor of the destruction of the Death Star, and all-around darling of the Empire. Her father gets the idea that if she suffers some sort of fall from grace, the desperate remnants of Saw Gerrera’s partisans will snatch her up as their new figurehead, and then she and the rest of Inferno Squad can take them down from the inside.


As unlikely as that sounds to me, that’s exactly what happens. After being reported for voicing some mildly seditious thoughts to a fellow officer, Iden goes through a mock court marshal and is put under house arrest, during which she is abducted by the partisans to be their new figurehead. Because becoming a violent radical is the obvious next step after mild sedition. Or something.


If you can get past the progression of events being slightly unbelievable, it’s a decent story and serves as an okay set-up for the game’s story mode. I haven’t played it, but I’ve seen the cutscenes, and knowing the backstories of the squad and their history together helped put things in a broader context. As for the writing, Golden did all right, but she’s no Claudia Gray. Gray did a much better job at showing things from an Imperial perspective.