24 Festive Tasks Door 18: Solstice/Yuletide


Task 1: Bibliomancy: Grab one of your larger books and flip to the indicated page and line number to answer the following questions - then post those answers for us:


Moby Dick was the nearest book to hand with 459+ pages. Tell me, O Ishmael, what the future holds!


A. Will I read all the books on my TBR? (page 378, line 29)

murder us all, and pocket the proceeds, do ye?"

I'm hoping this means someone's going to pay me to read all the hundreds of unread books in my TBR and I'll absolutely KILL it! Or I'll somehow read them all and be deeply intellectually enriched through the process. Neither is terribly likely, to be honest, unless I get trapped on the event horizon of a black hole with my entire TBR. It can't mean I'll sell my unread books to one of those wonderful/horrible people who make book art. That's just ludicrous.


B. Will any of my 2019 reads be 5 stars? (page 227, line 31)

he sanely brought to bear upon any one reasonable object.

So . . . yes? I'm taking that as a yes.


C. Will I discover a new favorite book / author / series? (page 309, line 23)

if I seem to press.'

Hrmmm. So maybe if I go looking for a new favorite? Or is Ishmael being coy? I do plan to read Moby Dick in 2019, after all . . .


D. Will I discover that a major twist (hopefully, for the [even] better) has occurred in one of my favorite series? (page 459, line 16)

all cases.

I'm taking this to mean they'll ALL have major twists. Hoo boy!


E. Will I finish all of my reading challenges in 2019? (page 69, line 7)

ship," the angel seemed to say, "beat on, beat on, thou noble ship,

So if I don't finish, it won't be for lack of trying!


F. Will I stay within my book budget in 2019? (page 98, line 5)

plentifully seasoned with pepper and salt. Our appetites being

I'm going out on a limb and saying this means I'll buy lots of books, and then buy some more, budget shmudget. I'm always hungry for a plentifully-seasoned TBR.