24 Festive Tasks Door 20: Christmas


Task 1: Post a picture of your Christmas decorations.


My husband is a Grinch who hates the rampant commercialization of Christmas, and I am a chronically ill lazy person who loves holiday decorations but cannot face the thought of putting them up and taking them down by myself, so we don't actually own Christmas decorations. We keep saying we'll get a black tree one year and decorate it exclusively with Star Wars ornaments, but it hasn't happened yet. HOWEVER, my husband's grinchy heart grew three sizes one day last month and he surprised me with an early gift:



So not only did he feed my insatiable appetite for plushies and nostalgia, he bought me a holiday decoration that I can keep out ALL YEAR ROUND! He totally played himself with that one. Well done, my dear Grinch! ♥


Task 3: Watch a favorite Christmas movie.


I watched the RiffTrax Star Wars Holiday Special.