Reading progress update: I've read 516 out of 752 pages.

Moby-Dick (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) - Herman Melville

Insomnia hit me hard last night. The chapters on the differences between sperm whale heads and right whale heads failed to put me to sleep as I'd hoped and I ended up reading about 100 pages.


At one point a minor character went overboard during a whale chase, and that got me thinking about the 1987 movie Overboard and how much I love it and how horrifically messed up it actually is. I mean, a man tells an amnesiac she's his wife, forces her into slavery, emotionally abuses her, and relentlessly gaslights her to keep up the sham. He totally should have gone to prison for kidnapping and possibly rape because, willing or not, there are some serious consent issues here. Then I started thinking about the remake that came out last year (which I haven't seen) and wondering if swapping the genders of the kidnapper and the victim makes it more funny/disturbing or less funny/disturbing.


Ladies and gentlemen, my brain on insomnia.