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Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1) - Christopher Paolini

Obi-Wan Brom and Luke Aragorn Eragon have spent many weeks on the road whilst Luke Aragorn Eragon quickly learns how to use a light saber sword and the Force magic and that he’s just the specialist special farm boy to ever have specialed. Highlights of the journey include a scene I’m pretty sure is plagiarized from one of David Eddings’s Sparhawk novels, Princess Leia’s Arwen’s Arya’s appearances to Luke Aragorn Eragon in a holorecording dream/scrying pool, and a thrilling plot to track the Stormtroopers Ra’Zac by . . . reading shipping invoices for the special oil they used to torch Uncle Owen Uncle Garrow. Following fake Sand People tracks would’ve been more exciting, IMO.