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Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1) - Christopher Paolini

I have a migraine and backlit screens are torture, but I had to record this for posterity.


Han Murtagh the self-serving rogue has entered the story. He has no love for the Galactic Empire Empire, but he wants nothing to do with the Rebel Alliance Varden either. Obi-Wan Brom just sacrificed himself to save Luke Aragorn Eragon, who in turn suddenly decided this hermit he hardly knew was like a father to him, and now he’s grieving more than he did for the man who actually raised him. And then we get this little gem:


A tear slid down his listless face and evaporated in the sunlight, leaving a salty crust on his skin.


Listless. Face. The prose is killing me. Also, I can’t tell if it’s super arid where he is or if he just sat there for ages while his single tear artfully evaporated.