Reading progress update: I've read 353 out of 509 pages.

Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1) - Christopher Paolini

Luke Aragorn Eragon and Han Murtagh have rescued Princess Leia Arwen Arya from the Galactic Empire Empire and are racing toward the secret Rebel Varden base so Leia Arwen Arya can recover from her torture at the hands of Emperor Palpatine’s King Galbatorix’s henchmen and deliver information crucial to the survival of the Rebel Alliance Varden. The prison escape naturally involved someone’s body disappearing and leaving behind a pile of clothes, though no Alagaesian trash compactors were featured. Alas.


The timeline is a little hard to pin down, but I think the events of the book have so far spanned several months, and the majority of that time was spent traveling with the characters. I’m starting to wish their horses had hyperdrives. Speaking of their horses, has anyone else noticed how horses in fantasy novels are basically Energizer bunnies and only have regular horsey limitations when it suits the plot? These two horses Luke Aragorn Eragon and Han Murtagh are riding would totally be dead by now. They rode them into the ground many leagues ago and now they have ghost horses, and that’s why these noble beasts don’t need to stop and graze and sleep at reasonable intervals.


Actually . . . This is could be happening in all fantasy books everywhere. A ghost horse epidemic and I never suspected. Hmm. I’m going to have to research this more before moving ahead with my plans to form Pedants for the Ethical Treatment of Horses in Fantasy Novels.