Beyond Belief: An Emily Castles Mystery

Beyond Belief  - Helen Smith

I started reading the Emily Castles Mysteries years ago in the Before Time (before I started tracking my reading). I thought they were cute and charming cozies. This is the fourth one I’ve read in the series, and either my tastes have changed or my standards are higher or my memory is faulty. Whatever the reasons, the only cute and charming things in this book were the allegedly psychic dachshunds.


The characters are mostly bland and a bit wooden, Emily included. She’s on the scene to investigate for the thinnest reasons possible, and at some point she traded her personality for a notebook. The mystery takes too long to unfold (dead bodies don’t start showing up until well past the halfway point), the denouement is boring, and I feel like I’ve wasted my time.


*Sigh!* Next.