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High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-5) - Gemma Halliday

I have finished the first book in this omnibus (Spying in High Heels) and I have . . . thoughts. I was in the mood for a light, fluffy cozy, and this is that, and I was entertained by it. But holy hell! does it have issues!


  • The editing is woeful. I’m guessing self-pub on a budget.
  • There is so much woman-on-woman hate going on that I’m mildly surprised Maddie has an actual female friend.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to ship Maddie and “Officer Hottie” for most of the book, but the man starts out as kind of an asshole before he (mild spoilers) escalates to almost taking advantage of Maddie when she’s clearly drunk and he’s still investigating her boyfriend for murder. I was super squicked out by him abusing his power like that.
  • So much woman-on-woman hate! For such a small person, Maddie sure is a HUGE misogynist.
  • Did I mention how squicked out I was by “Officer Hottie” nearly porking an intoxicated person of interest in his police investigation?
  • No, seriously, the woman-on-woman hate is intense.


I’ll keep going with the series because I’m still in the mood for light ‘n fluffy cozies and this was a fun, quick one, but I have a feeling I’m going to do a lot of cringing.