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High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-5) - Gemma Halliday

Book #4 (Alibi in High Heels) features one of the thinnest plots yet with Maddie being really poorly framed for a murder she had no motive to commit. But somehow she is a suspect (for a really stupid reason not revealed until the end), and yet she isn’t asked by the Paris police to surrender her passport, enabling her to go on international jaunts to Great Britain and Italy in order to discover who’s ineptly framing her. Now, canonically speaking, Maddie is 5’1 1/2” and a size 6 with a “barely B’s” cup size. She repeats this info over and over and over and over, but to no avail. I still picture her as Rebel Wilson in full-on Fat Amy mode. It’s the only way this all makes even a little bit of sense.


The editing is still woeful, and I think this time around there was actually an uptick in missing punctuation, which nicely complemented the random underlining and messed-up italics. The misogyny is also intense as ever, but at least Felix is back for more romantic tension. Yay! Not that I believe for a second Maddie will end up with anyone other than Jack “I’m the only guy who gets to be concerned about you” Ramirez. More’s the pity. Felix is an unprincipled jerk, but at least he doesn’t treat Maddie like a dog. His “Take care of yourself while doing these stupid dangerous things” is so refreshing after Ramirez’s litany of “Come! Sit! Stay!”