Reading progress update: I've read 210 out of 464 pages.

Heartless - Marissa Meyer

I was thrilled when I saw this at the library because I’ve wanted to read it for ages. Everything was going along swimmingly until I got to the introduction of a baking contest into the plot, and now all my interest in this book seems to have gone on vacation without giving notice. We’ve gone from Jabberwocky eating people to shopping for the perfect pumpkin, and I have some sort of reader whiplash. Maybe it’s because I know that the future Queen of Hearts will never get to open her bakery and marry for love, but I could not care less about this baking contest and the doomed romance and I’d like to get back to the Jabberwocky eating people stuff. Is it the book, or am I just not in the right mood? I thought I was, and yet I’ve been stuck on page 210 for days and I don’t know whether to give up or soldier on.