Booklikes-opoly: Memorial Day Extra Rolls


In an attempt to avoid confusing myself, I'm marking the space I'm currently reading for and the first bonus space I landed on with my profile porg. I'll probably confuse myself anyway, but at least I tried, right?


Bonus Roll #1: 5 + 3



I have several books that will work for this. Spoiled for choice again. I might dip into my small Heyer collection, though. I'm hankering for something Regency-ish.


Bonus Roll #2: 4 + 5



I have a couple of Khaled Hosseinis that have been on my TBR for YEARS. I think I'll pick one of them for this space.


And since I passed GO!, that's $5.00 for the bank. Woot!


Current Bank = $28.00