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Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen: A Novel (Six Tudor Queens) - Alison Weir

After years of delay, Katherine and Henry are discussing their upcoming marriage and payment of Katherine’s dowry.

“Sir,” she faltered, “part of it was to be paid in jewels and plate. I had to sell some, to buy food and other necessities.”


Henry leaned forward and kissed her. “We will not waste time over trifles,” he reassured her. “The plate and jewels are of no importance.”


And with those few words he banished the anxiety that had been consuming her for years.

And with those few words, he banished the conflict that’s been driving the whole novel since the first mention of the plate and jewels at the beginning. If this really is the end of Jewel and Plategate, I’m going to have to tear up my letter to the publisher demanding this book be retitled as Katherine of Aragon’s Dowry, The True MacGuffin.