Booklikes-opoly: Turn #4


I finally finished the excellent and illuminating The Black Count last night, which at 330 pages (not counting notes and bibliography) adds $3.00 to my Bank. Then, because I hate going to bed without knowing what I'm reading next, I decided to roll really quickly so I could make a selection. Basically, I pulled an MbD, and the following string of rolls delayed my bedtime.


Roll #1: 1+1, which brings me to:


I've got a mystery series I started during Halloween Bingo that has been waving at me from my Kindle. Time to get back to it. And snake eyes means I get to roll again!


Roll #2: 2+1, which lands me on:


Roll #3: 6+3, which according to the Free Parking rules means I go to:


Sweet! I've always wanted a cat I wasn't allergic to! Slip that in my pocket and move on to:


Roll #4: 1+3, which takes me to:


I have a plethora of books that will fit this, including The Rook, which I just saw advertised as premiering on Stan in July. Cool beans.


Current Bank balance: $44.00