The Rook (The Checquy Files #1)

The Rook  - Daniel O'Malley

I was reminded I had this book gathering virtual dust in my Kindle when I saw a trailer for the upcoming Starz series. You can watch the trailer here. And then start to read this book. And then you can be as confused as I was.


See, the trailer makes it look like a Bourne Identity-like mystery thriller with a paranormal twist. But in that trailer there is absolutely no trace of the super-dry, snarky British humor that makes it more like Johnny English or The Avengers (no, not the Marvel ones) meets Bourne Identity with a paranormal twist. Either the show has gone in a completely different direction tone-wise, or the humor’s going to come out of nowhere and confuse the poor viewers.


Lying trailers aside, I quite enjoyed this book.


What would you do if you knew you were going to wake up one day with no memories of who you were? If you’re Myfanwy Thomas, you write yourself a disjointed, rambling memoir and hope whoever wakes up in your body can gather enough clues to piece together who took your memories and why. New Myfanwy decides to meet the challenge head-on, and dry British hilarity ensues as she tries to settle into Old Myfanwy’s job and find the traitor without letting on that she’s got total amnesia. And if that’s not complicated enough, she’s got supernatural powers and works for a secret government agency tasked with keeping all things paranormal from wreaking havoc in the world.


It’s good fun, but Old Myfanwy’s rambling memoir got a little tedious after a while, what with it interrupting the action with page upon page of backstory. And it felt especially tedious after I’d put the clues together before Myfanwy managed it. Still, I did like it enough that I plan to read the sequel.